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Stump Grinding or Removal

Stump grinding is a quick, clean and efficient way to remove stumps from your landscape. First the stump is ground down 6 to 8 inches below ground level. (if needed the machine will grind to a debt of 24 inches for a additional charge)

Stumps in many instances will last for decades and become very unsightly as they age. Suckers and shoots can continuously become a problem until the stump dies. Grinding the stump allows immediate use of the area so don't live with your stump any longer call today!.

What is left when grinding is done?
Our workers will leave a wood chip pile with the consistency of mulch chip size is not guaranteed and depends on the variety and condition of the stump tree chips will be left 3' to 10' around the stump. Most people prefer this raked over the hole. These left behind shavings reduce in volume very quickly when exposed to rain and weather. If grass or a new plant installation is desired it is recommended that mulch should be replaced with topsoil. A fresh cut tree will be acidic and the mulch will need time to cure before attempting to use this mulch as planting soil, prior to curing the mulch can be used as a ground cover over established plants it will maintain moisture and will not damage these plants.

Entire stump removal.

Stump can be dug up and removed but this method requires very large very damaging equipment to residential setting and is not practical at most homes. If your situation calls for this method we at have the ability to remove your stump completely.

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