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Tree Analysis

A tree analysis by a Certified Arborist from is necessary to ensure that your tree is safe and healthy to survive in its environment. Our knowledge of tree origins and natural habitats helps us in understanding some of the problems your tree may have, or how to either eliminate or reduce those problems.

An individual tree is very much the product its environment. The following can reveal the cause of disease, or indicate potential problems:

  • The health of the soil
  • Turf
  • Other plants, as well as trees

Before a tree analysis commences, a site history must be established. Reviewing the types and varieties of change within the trees local environment can guide observations. Changes in a stand, or group of trees, such as the following can dramatically effect remaining members of the group:

  • The removal of individual trees
  • Changes in drainage
  • Wind exposure

By altering irrigation and drainage relationships and changing the dynamics of wind resistance, newly exposed trees face different physical and physiological stresses.

Our skilled personnel will come to your location and perfom an inspection to determine the health of your tree. In some cases, a sick or damaged tree may not need to be removed. has the technology and experienced specialist to determine if your tree can be saved. Special equipment can measure factors that impact survival rates including the hollowness of a tree.