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A Full Service Atlanta Tree Company offers a wide range of services all with one goal in mind— making you happy.

Tree Analysis

The most useful way to analyze the health of trees is to have experienced personnel do a visual inspection where sick trees can be easily inspected. In some cases, a sick or damaged tree may not need to be removed. has the technology and skilled personnel to determine is your tree can be saved. Special equipment can measure factors that impact survival rates including the hollowness of a tree.

Tree Removal

If a tree is dead, dying and dangerous or is in the way of new construction, then tree removal may be necessary. We offer a custom approach to tree removal guaranteed to match your needs and budget. Regardless of the service level you select, our skilled, insured professionals guarantee your job will be done safely and expertly. Check out our different service levels.

Tree Pruning

Pruning is the process of removing select branches from a tree. Pruning is done for a number of reasons including to make the tree safer, healthier and more attractive or to improve your view.

Depending on your goals, a number of pruning options are available.

Tree Thinning

Maintains the tree's natural shape but removes foliage throughout. A good option for improving your view without sacrificing your trees.

Tree Skirting

Removes the lower limbs of the tree. Also a good choice for enhancing views.

Tree Windowing

Removes branches to form a window, thus improving the view.

Tree Crown Reduction

A specialized pruning technique frequently performed on large trees, especially dense pine trees, located near buildings. Generally not more than a third of the total area is removed in a single operation. The process allows wind to move through the tree, which reduces the chance of tree failure. In addition, more light and air can reach the inner portion of the tree, which reduces needle drop. Overall, crown reduction can make for a healthier, safer, more attractive tree.

Tree Crown Cleaning

The removal of problematic branches from the tree's crown including dead, dying, diseased, crowded or dangerous branches. Very little of the live crown is removed.

Stump Grinding

A quick, clean and efficient way to remove stumps from your landscaping. First the stump is ground down 6 to 8 inches below ground level. Stumps in many instances will last for decades and become very unsightly as they age. Suckers and shoots can continuously become a problem until the stump dies. Grinding the stump allows immediate use of the area where a stump used to be.

Tree Chipping

Chipping is an excellent option for debris removal— more economical than hauling and safer than burning. An added bonus is that our customers can use the resulting chips for mulch, landscape bark or even for dust and erosion control.